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What is the difference between a neutral borosilicate glass controlled injection bottle and a low borosilicate glass controlled injection bottle?

Low borosilicate glass contains 5%-8% of boron trioxide, while neutral borosilicate medicinal glass bottle contains 8%-12% of boron trioxide. However, at present, the common low borosilicate glass ampoule in China is to some extent. Adapted to China's national production equipment and technology, low cost, high demand for national conditions, but the wide application of such glass materials has also hindered the development of China's pharmaceutical glass, objectively speaking, low borosilicate glass is neutral The borosilicate glass reduces the quality grade and the transition material of each performance index. Therefore, the low borosilicate glass ampoule can only be applied to the general antibiotic controlled injection. In contrast, neutral borosilicate glass ampoule is significantly better than the former in chemical stability and temperature resistance.

Neutral borosilicate glass has good chemical stability and low softening point, and is the first choice for medicinal glass. Through the joint efforts of the medicinal glass industry, China now not only imports a large number of neutral borosilicate glass tubes to produce various medicinal packaging bottles, but also has its own neutral borosilicate glass medicinal products, for which neutral borosilicate The standard of glass drug packaging materials and high borosilicate glass drug packaging materials are separately established, which is conducive to the development of high quality pharmaceutical packaging materials in China.

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